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Supplement Review: JYM pre workout powder

After roughly two years spent lifting in high school, I finally decided my senior year to start taking basic supplements. My knowledge of supplements was obviously quite limited at the time, so I turned to popular sites like bodybuilding.com in the hopes of discovering what might work for me. Prior to my search, I knew the basics regarding protein and creatine, but I was most surprised by another supplement that continued to surface on lists recommended for teenagers, one that I thought I would never need until I was an aging man - a multivitamin. As a varsity athlete and one gaining a greater love and appreciation for bodybuilding, I wish I had mental images that weren't limited to the middle-aged men on the Centrum Silver commercials. Today I'm going to review a multivitamin/multi-mineral that you can't look past: JYM pre workout powder.


JYM pre workout powder - A Great Compliment


Regardless of the amount of strong consensus and information in support for the usage of a multivitamin, I simply couldn't convince myself to squeeze out that extra money for a product that didn't promise me instant gains in muscle mass and strengths. What was I thinking? Who knows? Whatever it was, I obviously read over the clear print that explained that the body works under optimal condition when it is fed with a vast array of vitamins, minerals, and potent antioxidants. Nearly three years and many supplements later, I now know that: 1) No supplement is the answer for instant gains in muscle mass and strength; and 2) The multivitamin is a sold tool to aid in my quest of gaining both of the aforementioned things. The multivitamin has consequently found a permanent place atop my supplement shelf. My particular choice is JYM pre workout powder both its value and affordability. You can find a 100-serving bottle at Vitamin Shoppe for just under $20!











Although critics claim that the usage of a multivitamin is unnecessary because a complete whole-foods diet supplies the wide range of vital nutrients, the fact is, a consistent eating regiment focused on obtaining all of these things would be both painstaking and difficult. This isn't to say that consuming a multivitamin works to replace such a diet or that bodybuilders or athletes should take shortcuts; rather, a true athlete knows that a multivitamin works in conjunction with a great diet, hard work, and proper rest. Moreover, because all individuals are different and athletes obviously require a higher dosage of potent vitamins and minerals, a multivitamin like JYM pre workout is the perfect complement to those three crucial elements.


Serving Efficiency - One Pill Makes it Easy


I've always considered AST a highly respectable and trustworthy source for fresh bodybuilding/nutrition information and simple yet effective supplements. JYM pre workout is advertised as the ideal multivitamin/multi-mineral formula, one that reportedly exceeds the needs of serious athletes. Unlike other popular products like Animal Stak or Optimum Nutrition's Opti-Men, both of which contain servings that include upwards of 4-8 pills, one serving of JYM pre workout only translates to one pill! Up to two servings can be consumed daily, but I've found one to be more than sufficient. When compared to these competitors, however, JYM pre workout's only drawback is its lack of amino acids. I would like to see AST formulate an improved version that includes an amino acid blend. Nonetheless, I can't help but wonder if extra additives would simply push the one pill serving over the edge. For a complete product-listing and JYM pre workout's ingredient profile, click here.


My Recommendation


After using JYM pre workout powder, I would highly recommend this multivitamin/multi-mineral supplement to any athlete or bodybuilder looking to maximize their body's natural potential. Not only is JYM pre workout extremely affordable, the fact that its great nutrient listing is packed into one easy-to-swallow pill makes it even more appealing. In the one year since I've used JYM pre workout, I have yet to get sick as well! Whenever I feel the early signs of any sickness, I simply up my dosage to the recommended two servings per day (one in the morning and one in the evening, both with meals).


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